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This website is no longer managed as I move over to my new site designed in WordPress. Please feel free to navigate this site while its still active however you will find all the new information related to my B777 build over at the new site plus lots of relevant information retained from this site. Just click on the image link on the Home page.

Also feel free to leave a comment or two on the new site as all pages have the facility.


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Building the Opencockpits COMM

COMM tutorial

Building the Opencockpits NAV

NAV tutorial

Building the Opencockpits ADF

ADF tutorial

Building the Opencockpits XPDR

XPDR tutorial

Radio Pedestal Circuit Diagram

Full Circuit Diagram

Backlighting the Opencockpits MCP

Backlighting the MCP

Simple and Cheap Home-Made Panels

Simple Home-Made Panels


December 2008 Builder of the Month

this website is no longer being updated

Please click on the image below to go to my new website containing all the information from this site and more.

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However while I am in the process of transferring all the files from this site to the new one you may like to navigate these pages for details of my PC12 build.


my pc12 home simulator:

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