Kennair Flight Simulator

Welcome to my website dedicated to the building of a home flight simulator. The sim is based on two of  Boeing’s flagship aircraft; the 777 and the 737NG.   Utilizing the flexibility of my Sim-Avionics software I can configure the sim for both these aircraft giving me a huge range of flight times and distances to choose from.  The two aircraft aren’t too far from each other as far as systems and sophistication goes, the major difference being in the Overheard panel.  This will present a challenge which hopefully I can overcome.

I started out with the intention of building a B777 however after much deliberation I decided to be a little more flexible.  There was always going to be a slight variance on the real aircraft as I wanted to build my T7 in grey rather than the traditional baby-poo brown.  Boeing obviously thought similarly as that’s precisely what they did with the 787.   Due to space contraints this cockpit will be a single seat similar to Flightdeck Solutions’ Jetmax.  777/737 Avionics modelling uses the very best Sim Avionics system software from preeminent cockpit parts manufacturer Flight Deck Solutions.  Hardware from a combination of sources such as my good friend Gwyn Perrett of Aerosim Solutions, Opencockpits, FDS, Ebay and Kenny’s Home Handyman Workshop 😀   Navigate the site to see all the details using the menu above.

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