PC12 Throttle

Flight Simulator Solutions

Much deliberation and experimentation went into building the final version of the NG Throttles. This is part of the problem when not replicating an existing aircraft exactly, you have too many options available. However I was determined to come up with a solution that would suit all my needs. The answer came when I visited Gwyn from Aerosim Solutions in Perth who kindly designed and manufactured a full jet style quadrant that is awesome! I then went and built some Airbus style handles to go with it which resulted in an Airbus/RJ style throttle quadrant. Twin Prop and Condition levers were also incorporated to allow a full range of single and twin prop and jet aircraft to be flown. Problem solved and specifications met! What more could you ask for??

Pictures below show the process and details of components.  The top plate was heat formed in the oven then a sticky label printed to create the legend.  You can also see the cams and cable spring tension structure that turn the pots through 90% of their travel.  The reversing action was achieved using a spring loaded cam attached via cable up to the reverser levers.  These cams stop the lever travel but by lifting the reversers the levers can move all the way back.  In this range I can set the reverser function in FSUIPC.  The springs cause the cams to click back into place once the levers are moved back to the idle position.

Installed in the sim the throttles are a treat, and having prop and condition levers as well make it so realistic flying twin prop aircraft.


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