Flight Simulator Solutions

The 777 uses avionics and systems software from Sim-Avionics which was developed specifically for the 777 by software engineer Mark Hastings in the UK and now being sold through Flight Deck Solutions and is compatible with FSX and P3D via FSUIPC and XP-10 64bit via XPUIPC v2.0.  The other professional option for the 777 is Project Magenta.  

As for other avionics options for a more generic experience I am using SimAvio2 by FlyThisSim for X-Plane 10 and I’m also looking at FSXpand or Panel Builder by SimPlugins for both P3D and X-Plane.

Sim-Avionics software Overview

Sim-Avionics products provide a complete solution for flight deck builders.

Designed to run on multiple PC’s in various configurations interfacing with FS2004 or FSX via FSUIPC or Wideclient.

This is a complete avionics solution providing the avionics software needed to build a fully functioning home cockpit.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated Solution – No additional avionic software needed.
  • Complex Systems Modelling
  • Easy I/O Interfacing with FSUIPC Offsets (Supported by most I/O hardware)
  • Panel Simulator for users without overhead hardware
  • Simple to Configure
  • Custom Written Autopilot functions
  • EGPWS, TCAS, Weather Radar
  • Instructor Station
  • ACARS Simulation
  • Complete EICAS Messaging
  • Multiple CDU support
  • True to life displays
  • Pushback, Door Logic, Cabin Calls, External Air and Power simulated either through instructor station or CDU.

And here are some examples of the avionics displays:


Main System Server

Primary Flight Display

Navigation Display

Weather Radar

Engine Instrument & Crew Alerting System

Multi Function Display

Control Display Unit

Overhead Panel Simulator

Avionics setup example

Standby Gauges – Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude

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