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Me in a Singapore Airforce F16

I’ve been interested in flight since I was young and finally got to live the dream around the age of 40 when I took my first flying lessons. After more than 3 years I gained my Private Pilots License and currently have a day VFR endorsement on Cessna 152 & 172 and Mooney M20J.

My background is of a technical nature so it was only natural that I would supplement my flight training with simulator training, however I quickly realised that a standard single screen and joystick just didn’t cut it. There was no similarity with the real world flying I was doing so I began trawling the net to find other alternatives. I never would have imagined what I would find.  My debt of gratitude to all those that paved the way before me and pioneered the home grown flight sim is enormous!

Flying at a GA airport I get to see the likes of Cessna Citations, Piper twins and the great King Air’s and Pilatus PC12.  The latter two are probably my favourite aircraft. The Royal Flying Doctor Service in WA fly’s both these aircraft and, as well as having great admiration for the work this organisation does, I also have great envy for the pilots who get to fly these magnificant aircraft daily.  I had the honour and opportunity to build a simulator for the RFDS in Alice Springs which was placed in their visitors centre.

I based my first flight sim on one of my favourites, the Pilatus PC12, however I didn’t want to limit my flight training experience so I decided to adapt the sim to encompass almost any aircraft. This allowed me to fly anything from a C172 up to a 747 or A380 and you can see the progress of that build under the Pilatus PC12 section of this website.  However it was after visiting my good friend Gwyn Perrett of Aerosim Solutions and seeing the high level work he was doing for others building Boeing and Airbus that the call of the specific aircraft couldn’t be ignored any longer so I’ve now gone heavy to a Boeing 777. As a result an opportunity came available for a part owner of full blown commercial Boeing 777 flight simulator based at Jandakot airport.  Flight City Simulation Center began operations in 2011 and I became it’s Tech/IT expert.  Now under new owners I am still contracted to maintain this lovely simulator.

I also became tech support for Simulation Solutions Australia’s full motion sim based on a small twin trainer aircraft used at the many flight schools at Jandakot Airport.  My work continues with this sim along with the 777 both of which keep me busy as well as fulltime employment.

With this website I hope to give back to the online community some of which I gained from many hours of searching and learning. If nothing else, simply to inspire the next generation of flight trainers to blurr the lines even more between reality and a game.

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