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The MIP clock is displayed on a 7″ LCD screen purchased on ebay similar to the Wet Compass.  I removed it from its frame and built a mounting bracket to install behind the clock bezel.  The wet compass used a 3″ screen whereas the clock requires slightly wider, I found the 7″ version was wide enough to encompass the full width of my bezel.  I prefer this software version over my first hardware version as both Sim-Avionics and Prosim have a perfectly functioning software clock complete with second hand.  I dismantled the hardware clock displays but kept the function buttons as they are all modeled in both avionics package. I can change date and time as well as start the clock using the CHR function on the bezel.  I also have the button on the glareshield activated to operate the CHR function.  This is used to start the clock when lining up on the runway at the beginning of each flight.  You can see in the third picture below the Sim-Avionics clock displayed on a 3″ LCD (the same used for the wet compass) when testing a few years ago.  More pix of the new clock soon.

$_14 $_12 Sim-A Boeing Clock

Below is a description of my hardware clock I built after seeing the simple instructions from Manolo at Hispapanels.  I ordered Manolo’s circuit board along with the 7 segment displays and pushbutton switches and followed his instructions to put it together.

Here’s the result as well as the process:

20140923_135113 20140924_124920 Clock_3

20140411_220427 20140411_220438 20140411_221036

20140411_222621 20140413_001212 20140413_001306

20140413_001955 20140413_001440 20140413_001941

The displays are mounted on 6 levels of IC standoff pins to a level 30mm above the circuit board.  This allowed sufficient room to install backlight LED’s and switch connections that come off each pushbutton mounted in the 4 corners.  The backlight operates on 12v DC and lights up all text perfectly.  The pins at the rear of the circuit board connect to the Opencockpits display card to activate the 7 seg displays and can be seen in pic #3.  SIOC code talks to FSX to display FS time and changing the time and/or date on the clock updates the sim immediately, very cool!

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