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One must have a comfy and sexy looking seat to complete your cockpit!  This one I picked up off ebay and sourced locally of course, the shipping charges would be horrendous on something so weighty.  I wasn’t going to go all out and purchase an Ipeco seat at thousands of dollars, I was quite happy to find a comfortable car seat and I certainly did.  This is a passanger side seat from a Mitsubishi Pajero.  Lots of adjustment and very comfortable for those long flights however it does have a couple of drawbacks that I didn’t figure on and would advise others who may be thinking of purchasing a car seat for their sim.

Firstly check out the seat mountings, make sure they mount flat and in the same horizontal plane.  Mine was made to fit the variably shaped floor of a Pajero which obviously has channels and undulations in the floor to cater for car mechanical stuff.  This meant that in order to mount the seat on a platform and have it level I needed to quite carefully customize the mounting brackets as they are all at different heights.  The second problem was that the seat is designed like most car seats to sit with legs stretched out but not far off the floor and so the front of the seat is raised to support your knees in this straight leg position.  In a cockpit you sit much higher off the floor in a more upright position with legs bent more like sitting in an office chair.  After I spent hours carefully measuring mounting brackets and ensuring the base of the seat sat level and main part of the seat supporting your bum the correct height, I found my legs dangling way off the floor!  I had to tilt the front seat mountings down quite considerably in order to find a comfortable seat position and manage rudder pedals.  This raised the final, but fairly minor issue, with the seat level the fore and aft seat adjustment now travels downhill considerably when moving forward and consequently uphill when sliding back!  Grief, what an ordeal!!!! 🙄

The easy answer to all this is to do your research and choose a seat that avoids all the above.  Anyway lesson learnt and I’ll know for my next sim  😯

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