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Part of my decision to lock down my main sim to just the B777 & B737NG is that I could install a second sim for general purpose flying.  I bought a new gaming laptop, a few Saitek panels and dug out my old CH yoke and pedals, utilized a spare 32″ LCD TV plus my old PC12 throttles.  Combined with TrackIR and Ezdok software this now satisfies my desire to fly aircraft such as the C172, PC12, B200 and of course both PMDG 737 & 777 aircraft.  These are all way too different to attempt to fly in my full cockpit, mostly due to network panels and hardware differences.  I also built a simple pedestal to house my throttle quad plus an allowance to add switches at a later time.  The Saitek panels work in all aircraft including the PMDG737NG by using the SPAD drivers which has a custom PMDG config.

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