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The avionics are an integral part of any aircraft and also simulators.  Back in 2009 I built the full pedestal set from scratch by purchasing the individual components and panels and this was an extreme amount of work to complete albeit less expensive.  Just after I bought my components OC released fully built plug and play versions for only slightly more than I bought my component versions for, about 100 Euro against 150.  They served me well until I saw my friend Gwyn’s P&P set he purchased for his B737 and I decided I’d purchase these units also as there was just too much cabling underneath my homemade units risking breakage and failures over time.  The new units although a bit of an initial outlay were worth the cost.

DSC_0035 DSC_0050 DSC_0048

Assembling the Opencockpits Radios

For those of you that like a challenge I have complete instructions on assembling the kit form of each radio but be prepared for some serious soldering and cabling!. This tutorial assumes that the user already owns the Opencockpits Mastercard as the associated 7-segment Display cards need to connect to this unit in order to operate. You should also have an understanding of the software SIOC which is used to program the different functions of the radios.

Take a closer look at each completed radio then click on the centre pages to go the assembly tutorial for each one.

DISCLAIMER: Please use these tutorials at your own risk.  The author claims no responsibility for hardware or electrical damage as a result.  These tutorials are made available as a guide only and represents the process, views and opinions of the author and not of Opencockpits or any affiliates.


Nav009 Nav008
ADF005 ADF007

Download the circuit diagram for the above radios:


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