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Things have changed dramatically over the past couple of years having gone from a full hardware cockpit simulator as described in detail on this website.

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My home flight simulator experience is now purely in Virtual Reality.  No longer am I constrained to a single aircraft cockpit, in VR I can experience any aircraft type.  My 3 DOF motion seat allows me to feel the movement as well.


Flight simulator build, installation, design and customization

I’m still heavily involved in hardware cockpits however, contracted by most commercial simulator operators in the city of Perth to service, maintain or upgrade their systems.

Below are some of my customers:

Flightcity Simulation Centre

Flightcity Simulation Centre run a stunning Boeing 777 simulator designed and built by Flight Deck Solutions in Canada.  This fixed base sim was delivered to its home in Jandakot, Perth in 2011 and remains one of the best simulators in Perth and it’s been a joy to maintain and to fly.  Many enthusiasts have enjoyed their experiences in this simulator  which was also used for the inaugural Perth Worldflight in 2013.  This simulator has recently been upgraded to P3Dv4.5 and the latest in Sim-Avionics technology to fully replicate the Boeing 777 systems.


Simulator Solutions Australia 

Simulator Solutions Australia run a simulator designed to replicate most small twins used in training for a commercial pilots license and were keen to get a technician on site to manage their B58/Seminole simulator.  This is a full motion sim with force feedback controls fully CASA approved and used for commercial pilot training by flight schools at Jandakot Airport in Perth Western Australia.  I’ve made many upgrades to the sim which runs Microsoft FSX as their sim platform and utlizes a lot of Go-Flight hardware modules along with custom electronics.


Jet Flight Simulators Perth

Jet Flight Simulators Perth run a Boeing 737-800NG simulator offering customer experiences at low cost but high fun.  In fact they promise it’s great fun or it’s free!  This simulator runs P3D as it’s simulator platform but iFly 737 for systems integration and modelling.  It also utlizes a high degree of Open Cockpits hardware and configuration software making this a challenge to maintain.  Lucky I spent countless hours in my home simulator learning and tweaking all that Opencockpit hardware!


Flight Experience Perth

Flight Experience in the heart of Perth is one of my newest customers and have contracted me to upgrade their visual systems.  They offer a range of general, club and commercial flight training, even catering for the young starter pilots out there with their kids program.


Private Boeing 737-800

This is my friends home built Boeing 737-800NG simulator based in his back shed.  A crew of 9 enthusiasts fly this simulator regularly as well as perform Worldflight out of here every November since 2014.  I have been part of the cockpit’s development since it’s inception and honed many of my now contracted skills on this baby.  It runs on P3Dv4.5 and Prosim and utlizes a lot of custom engineered hardware.  While the owner Gwyn is an engineer himself, our crew are also skilled in IT, and software development along with a high degree of flight simulator experience.

Whisky Compass

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Boeing 777 Overhead


Center Pedestal



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